Jackie –  Linden Hills Neighborhood, Minneapolis  (Seller)  When we found out we were being relocated out of state and wanted to sell within 5 weeks I knew exactly who we would work with.  We heard nothing but phenomenal things about Stacy and her ability to sell homes, quickly, while being at your desired sell price point. Not only were we trying to sell our house but we also had an 8-week old newborn.  Stacy managed everything for us, coordinating work that needed to be done and ensuring the people who did the work were extremely affordable and ready to do the job ASAP.  Our house was not one of the most expensive houses but she treated us and the house like it was her only property to sell at the time. I cannot imagine going through a sell or buy with an 8-week old again.  The one exception is it would have to be Stacy.  She sold our house within 36 hours and we got over our asking price! We hope to move back to Minneapolis some day and will definitely use Stacy to help us buy.

Barb –  Morningside Neighborhood, Edina  (Seller)  Stacy, I can’t imagine how good you must feel sitting back, looking at these pictures knowing that you pulled this all off.  You (and your whole group) are seriously amazing. I am stunned!  We can’t thank you enough!  Thank you for using your gift to help make our transition home a better one.

Paula –  Fulton, Minneapolis  (Seller)  My house had sat on the market for quite some time without selling.  So I decided to switch things up and change realtors. I hired Stacy Sullivan as my new realtor and I couldn’t have been happier. Stacy completely staged my home not only with furniture but also with updated light fixtures and paint. The house was BEAUTIFUL!  I think if I wasn’t moving to put my son in a specific school district and this was the HGTV show “Love it or List it” I would have definitely stayed and LOVED it!  The house was gorgeous and it sold right away with multiple offers. The other thing that I really enjoyed about working with Stacy is that she took care of EVERYTHING which was fabulous for me.  In addition, even though I had already purchased my previous home from a different realtor, Stacy shared her list of contractors with me. I have used many of these contractors in my new home’s renovation and I have been more than pleased with their work. I can not say enough good things about Stacy Sullivan both as a person and as a Realtor and I would highly recommend going with her.  You won’t regret it.

Kristin –  Linden Hills, Minneapolis  (Buyer)  Our home buying experience was not an easy one, I’m sure we were a realtor’s worst nightmare.  We wanted space where none existed, we wanted move-in ready but it HAD to be an old house, and it absolutely had to be within a 2 block radius of the most popular intersection of the city.  And Did I mention that there weren’t any houses for sale at the time? But Stacy didn’t bat an eye.  She understood our needs and guided us confidently with recommendations honed by her years of experiences.  When things looked grim, she redirected us away from things that she knew would not make us happy.  And in the end she sniffed out a house that wasn’t even on the market, like some sort of crazy real estate magician.  Two years later, I still think about how lucky we are to be living in our dream house in our dream location.  And we owe it all to Stacy.

Nick – Lynnhurst, Minneapolis  (Buyer/Seller)  Stacy is a truly customer-oriented real estate professional, with the added bonus of having a great style & design sensibility that is both practical and inspiring.  When we were entering the market for our first home, she spent the time learning about what we like in terms of location, features, and style and guided us in thinking through what things we should also be considering given our plan to grow our family.  She researched the market for a select set of houses for us to visit – basically establishing a baseline of our needs to allow her to further refine the search.  She helped us understand how we could use the space in each house to match our lifestyle and current furnishings, and where we could make smart improvements to the space to fit our needs and add value at the same time.  We found exactly what we needed.  We later sold that house through Stacy and purchased our current home with her help.  Again, completely satisfied. Highly recommending Stacy to buyers and sellers.

Kirsten – Fulton & Lynnhurst, Minneapolis  (Buyer)  Stacy is truly one of a kind. She is unlike any other realtor out there. When I first met Stacy I knew right away that she was different from other realtors. With her background in renovating houses she has the expertise to guide you through what may or may not need to be done to your potential house. It’s like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. She truly makes it an easier experience just with her expertise alone. You hire a realtor and you get a consultant as a bonus. I first met Stacy through a mutual friend that insisted that I meet with her on the impending sale of our house. That house sold after a couple of months on the market and it just so happened to have been right after the recession had hit. Stacy made that happen through smart decisions on pricing, staging, the way she markets the house and her fun personality. I’m now on the second sale of another house and again everything just seems to go seamlessly with her as your guide. Our house went into multiple offers within 3 days of being on the market. I feel very fortunate to have found Stacy. I don’t consider her my realtor anymore but my dear friend whom I would never make a real estate transaction without.

Scott – South Harriet Park, Edina  (Buyer)  My wife and I did most of our Edina house hunting from across the country in California. At some point early in the process, I found Stacy Sullivan, because she was listing a house that we really liked. I called her, and we hit it off immediately. Stacy was incredibly friendly and helpful from our very first phone call. She helped us understand Edina, which is the suburb we had targeted for our house hunting trip, and she patiently answered our many questions and helped coordinate a 48-hour house hunting trip for us. The house she was listing was just above our price range, and she never tried to push us to look at that house. In the weeks building up to our trip, she was extremely helpful, friendly and patient.

When we met Stacy in person, the morning of the first day of our house hunting mission, we hit it off all over again. She was very friendly and obviously just a good person. She was also amazingly knowledgeable about Edina, builders, neighborhoods and schools. After our first whirlwind day, when we were ready to make a bid on one house, we found out that, through some amateurish behavior of the real estate agent on the other side, the house had already been purchased. My wife and I were somewhat devastated, but Stacy picked us back up on Day 2, and helped us find a house that we liked much more than the house we lost. I can recommend Stacy unconditionally and enthusiastically. My wife and I feel very lucky that we found her. She is a great agent and a great person.

Joanne – Kenwood, Minneapolis  (Buyer/Seller)  Working with Stacy was amazing. She knew how to price our house to sell. She offered us numerous inexpensive and stylish upgrades that showcased the features of the house and paid off when multiple offers came in.  She was very knowledgeable of the real estate market and was super easy to work with. I would highly recommend her and will defiantly have her represent me on my next sale or purchase.

Angela & Julie – Lynnhurst, Minneapolis  (Buyer/Seller)  The process of buying and/or selling a house can be an extremely exciting, and potentially very stressful, experience. Working with Stacy allowed us to enjoy the excitement and not worry about the stress. Stacy is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to buying and selling homes, with far reaching connections for any current or future service needs, a keen eye for potential problems in a new home and a great flair for getting current homes market ready. She was friendly, reassuring and was with us every step of the way. Having Stacy as our realtor felt like working with a friend we had known forever, even though we had just met. She took the time to get to know our family, understand exactly what we were looking for in a new home and helped us find and successfully purchase our family’s “forever” home.”